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Dear Friend,

For 5 years I was silenced and bound by contracts and a maze of restraining documents the permitted me from discussing the behind the scene dealing of $100 million dollar sale lease back transaction I was involved in.

It all begin in 1989. I had been investing in Residential Real Estate for about 5 years. I had about 18 units and wanted to break into the commercial arena. I located a local apartment management firm that had several properties for sale. I advertised these properties in a national publication and the rest is history!

Most Residential and even Commercial Real Estate investors, don't know but 2 way to get their properties financed. understand the various types of financing think it requires a lot of money and financial clout to purchase commercial real estate. WRONG!

The concept of purchasing multiple properties is more like a star wars fantasy to most traditional investors. I too thought this very thing. It took me 8 months to unlearn all of the misinformation I had from my no money down instructors. processes about Commercial Real Estate investing! I never ever considered these possibilities, they were not real to me! Boy was I wrong!

I discovered first hand that it's easier to purchase a portfolio income producing properties than it is to purchased and finance a non owner occupied single family property. A lot easier.

During this conference, I revealed how I found the portfolios, what I said and even how I structured the deal under the guidance of my mentor and retired bank executive .

I must say, though I didn't really appreciate the value of what I had learned until I reconnected with some of my Residential Real Estate investor friends.  I would always find my self saying, "you should buy commercial properties" and eliminate the issues associated with PMI, FICA score and qualifying for loans etc."

It wasn't until 2003 that I was permitted to discuss some of the High Financing Techniques that I experienced. I was legally bound to silence via several Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements. These restrictions prevented me for sharing any of specifics regarding a lot of my "Inside Dealings And Secrets" until now.

This conference is the first official unedited account of just a few of the techniques I used to finance over $100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Dollars ) in Commercial Real Estate. I was able to do this without a Realtors License and without any money.

Of all the things I've done and learned in the commercial financing arena, the things that I really value and appreciate the most is the lifestyle it has provided me and the security of having learned several "Skills That Will Last Me A Lifetime".

Just think, Commercial Real Estate Financing is just one of the financing techniques that I have mastered.

One day, I will create a complete financing tool box full of resources and strategies for financing almost any type of commercial transaction for massive profits.

But for now, this conference is an excellent place to begin learning about commercial financing.

By the way, these financing fundamentals can be used to finance your own properties or you can ALSO build a business around them.

Here's What Was Covered

How I overcame my FEAR of large numbers using a simple 10 minute exercise

How I Made The Transition From Residential To Commercial Real Estate

What Types of Properties To Look For And To Avoid

How To Turn A 80% Lender Into A 100% Lender

How To Find Portfolios Of Commercial Properties ...
How To Pre - Sell And Broker Commercial Loans And Properties
As A Business Without A License 

How To Analyze The Properties To Determine Their Value

How To Break The 80% LTV Barrier And Beyond.....

Why 100% Financing May not Be Enough 

How To Use Custodial Accounts For A Silent Closing

The Protocol That Must Be Followed..

Using A Warranty Deeds To Finance The Acquisition

How To Sell Them Or Buy Yourself

And Much Much More !

1 Portfolio Acquisition Case Study

1 Property Brokering Case Study

4 Money Brokering Case Studies

Case Study 1
(1%) or $1,400,000.00

See My  Offers To Purchase

See The Properties Here! 

REO Portfolio Acquisition: consisted of 31 Income Producing Properties valued at $140,000,000.00 (One Hundred Forty Million Dollars). Included 90% Lease Back and 101% Financing. You don't hear about these deals. Discover where they are and how to find them

How to find all the projects you want in your own town ..

How to select the best projects for financing

How to screen and analyze the projects in less than 10 minutes

How to locate funders before you even look at the projects

How to determine if you should buy or broker the properties .
Can You Do Both? Maybe? It depends on your resources

How to leverage the properties to 100% LTV or more..

How to handle the Bank CEO.... when dealing with REO properties.. The protocol is vital...

How To structuring a bank to bank transaction using a Warranty Deeds and a simple Custodial account...

Controlling the disbursements with Pay Orders

One question that opened the Bank Vault

Case Study 2
:  $830,000.00

No Photo Available 

My Offer

REO Portfolio Acquisition: consisted of 2 Income Producing Properties valued at $83,000,000.00 (Eighty Three Million Dollars) This was one of four portfolios available.
How was this Portfolio located ?
Why was it chosen as a viable project?
How The Portfolio was financed?
The tools I you used to analyze these properties?
How I determine the actual values of properties !
What documents did use ?
Why The Letter Of Intent ?
Where were the Realtors? Why weren't they used?

Analysis and insights from 4
 other commercial projects!

  • The Film Project $2M 

  • The Travel IT Project $4M

  • The Automotive Manufacture Project $63M

  • The Hotel Refinance Project $50M

These are a few of the transactions I am able to profit from by simply securing the financing for others.

Using my Money Store Concept, I can profit from all types commercial financing transactions...

The Keys To Commercial Real
Estate Is Financing!


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